Tutorial Card For Bag with Moschino Bag Flap

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Tutorial card, learn how to make the Moschino Bag!


Thanks to this Tutorial Card, crochet the Moschino Bag will be really easy and fun.

Follow the instructions you find on the card, step by step, and create your exclusive fashion accessory.

Complete the purchase and we will send the Tutorial Card by email to your email address, or if you purchase more products we will print it and insert it in the package!

Necessary material:

Moschino Bag Flap

1 Spool Catenella Yarn

Bufalino hardener (for the central part)

Thermosetting (for the side panels)

Crochet 2.5

4 Metal Feet

2 Metal Bridge (to attach the chain with Lipstick)

Inside fabric to taste

Needle and thread

Webbing needle

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