The DIY bag brand in Italy

Our brand was born 6 years ago from the idea of ​​Mirtilla, a volcanic woman, who quickly transformed the crochet hobby into a real job that led to the creation of a leading company in Italy in the field of handmade bags.

Study, commitment and research have contributed to the creation of a high quality product with special yarns and innovative materials, created exclusively for our brand by Italian suppliers.

The goal of Mirtilla is to maintain quality, quality finishes and variety in the choice, using the resources that have always characterized the Made in Italy in the world.

The operational headquarters is located in Bergamo, but our products are distributed throughout Italy in the best shops.

Today, Mirtilla employs 13 representatives called Mirtilline who are available to organize courses, to be held in your office, to accompany your clients in the realization of our bags.

Mirtilla runs constant refresher courses, which aim to offer many new features teaching cutting-edge finishing techniques, thus keeping up with fashion and the latest trends.

The stores have a constantly updated catalog available to offer customers the latest news on the market.

This method has won over and loyal to the public that can see the product live and create its own bag.

Mirtilla participates in 18 Trade Fairs of Man Arts present throughout the Italian territory.

The idea is to pass on the art of crochet and handmade so that you do not lose a skill that has been able over time to create true masterpieces.