An opportunity for growth...

If you are a shop or business and would like to resell Mirtilla products, then we are delighted to inform you that all this is possible!

Mirtilla offers the possibility of becoming a retailer by applying subsidized prices that guarantee profit margins, without any initial investment and with the full freedom to choose how many and which products to treat.

As a retailer you will be informed immediately in case of new arrivals, new products, limited editions, and new models of bags. You will have direct contact with the staff present at the headquarters, who will be able to assist and advise you in the event of orders, or any other need.

We will also be able to put you in touch with the Mirtillina (Mirtilla sales rapresentative) who presides over your area, so as to be able to organize Courses to make crocheted Bags and Jewels, offering in this way to your customers an additional service, which will allow you to increase public and turnover .

For further curiosity and information contact us:


Phone : 377 4484265

WhatsApp: 377 4484265